Experts for the disposal for industrial customers

The B+T Group has been operating an RDF power plant since 2008, with further waste wood cogeneration plants added in 2016 and 2020. B+T has also been operating an RDF power plant in France since 2023. Over 150,000 tons of power plant residues are generated here every year, which need to be disposed of. We therefore know from our own experience what high demands are placed on the reliable, legally compliant disposal of combustion residues from power plants.

Our disposal concepts offer you a nationwide, highly effective network with guaranteed disposal safety, quality and short distances.

From an economic and ecological point of view, there are a whole range of invaluable advantages for our clients that pay off. These include

  • Individual, customer-oriented and practicable solutions
  • Reliable disposal at all times
  • cost certainty
  • services of assured quality
  • Environmentally friendly recycling
  • around the clock, 365 days a year

A key factor for disposal reliability is the combination of our own facilities and the integration of efficient cooperation partners. We select these partners on the basis of our high standards of quality and reliability.

Customer proximity is the first step towards a solution

Every furnace or incineration plant has its own special disposal requirements. An efficient solution for the disposal of incineration residues can always be worked out in direct contact and with precise knowledge of the individual case.

1 or 100,000 tons – We have solutions for everyone

  • Municipalities and cities
  • Coal-fired power plants
  • Substitute fuel power plants
  • Waste wood cogeneration plants
  • Wood and biomass power plants
  • Biomass gasification plants
  • Wood chip and wood pellet combustion plants
  • Waste and sewage sludge incineration plants
  • Combined heat and power plants
  • Manufacturers of heating systems
  • Fuel traders
  • Operators of heating systems